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The worship of the One God, Creator, Christ and Holy Spirit, is the part of church life that makes this human institution different than all others. The people who are the church are blessed with sacred space of the Market Square Sanctuary in the center of the city. Its steeple reaches 193’ into the sky and reminds all who look upon it that life is much more mysterious than we know.

North Church is also blessed with its Parish House on Spinney Road which provides space for worship as we discern the future of all our sacred space.

We gather to worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM.

• We worship at the North Church Parish House on Spinney Road from the second Sunday of September through the second Sunday of June.

• We worship at the Market Square Sanctuary downtown from the third Sunday in June through Labor Day Weekend and on Special Sundays.  A detailed schedule can be found in the menu.